Party Food

Customers are welcome to bring their own food* and drink for children’s party bookings.

However, why not relieve some of the stress of arranging your child’s party and let us do the food for you? We have a choice of hot food boxes or a tempting buffet.


Hot Food Boxes

Chicken Nuggets, Sausage or Fish Cake with Chips

Jelly & Icecream


Buffet Option

Sandwiches, sausage/cheese rolls, cocktail sausages, savoury eggs, pizza, garlic bread, chicken nuggets, potato wedges, crisps, cakes, biscuits and Frubes.

Jelly & Icecream


Both options come with unlimited squash for the duration of the party.


The cost is £4.00 per head (minimum order 20 children).


* Please note that customers may only bring cold buffet type food.